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Who We Are

2 Honest™ Carpenter ltd. (2HC) is a Richmond based company serving customers throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. 2HC is not a Contractor and we don't pretend to play one on TV. 😜 We offer a broad range of Home Improvements & Repairs and are currently serving the areas of Richmond, Vancouver (WestSide), and South Delta. 2 Honest™ Carpenter hopes to expand their service areas in the coming months and would appreciate you reaching out to see if we could help you with your project.

What We Believe

Founded in 2008, 2HC is built on the foundation that all home & business owners should have a tradesperson who they can rely on, to provide professional results! 

Someone who …

  • Not only does the work competently and professionally, but one who is dedicated to doing the work to the best of their ability.
  • You can trust to have extensive experience.
  • Gets the job done in the most efficient manner.
  • Provides solutions instead of frustrations.
  • Is committed to following through with their promises.
  • And lastly, a tradesperson who actually arrives on time or contacts you to say, for example, that traffic is heavier than usual and we’ll be there shortly  (instead of spending your day waiting for a tradesperson who doesn’t even show up …. or arrives a week late unannounced! Sound familiar? ).
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Why We Love What We Do

Gary McAuley incorporated 2 Honest™ Carpenter on these very principles back in 2008, and continues to honour them daily. Through hard work and perseverance, 2HC has become a name that clients trust and rely on, knowing they’ve hired the right company to work on their house or place of business. We’re dedicated not only to the work, but to our clients we do the work for. 2 Honest™ Carpenter is fortunate to have built up such a great family of clients and appreciates all the positive comments & reviews we’ve received over the years.

Gary is hoping that the next 14+ years in business will be as fun as the last 14 for 2HC. We’re consistently striving to provide a better experience for our clients and are always in search of more positive (and negative?) feedback along the way. 2 Honest™ Carpenter really appreciates your time in reading our story and looks forward to working for you soon.

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